Creation: Teh Tarik Cheesecake

Teh tarik is a local favourite milk tea beverage. Teh tarik was often served with cream crackers. A simple treat, yet the blend of flavours was "a match made in heaven". Hence the inspiration to infuse cream crackers into the cheesecake to marry the two flavours. The nostalgic appeal of this cheesecake promises to bring back fond memories of days past.

Creation: Bubur Cha Cha Mousse Cake

This cake is inspired by a popular traditional dessert that is enjoyed by locals, young and old, for many years - Bubur Cha Cha.

The flavourful elements of this classic dessert are incorporated into a mousse cake that can be enjoyed by all generations. The creamy yam mousse, layered with the fragrant coconut sponge cake, topped with pandan jelly and desiccated coconut will definitely trigger fond memories of our local favourite dessert!

Creation: ABC (American Born Chinese)

The reason why we name our dessert ABC is because we have combined the velvety New York Cheese Cake with the Coconut Kaya and the humble cream cracker, to deliver a Western flavour with an Asian twist.

We believe this dessert will be a hit with the locals and Westerners alike, as the saying goes “the Americans love their cheese cake” and for the Singaporeans "We Love our Kaya Toast".

Creation: Wah Chao

This creation is inspired by a popular local dessert – mango sago pudding served with pomelo.

To achieve a good blend of taste and texture, the silky creamy texture of mango cheese is made to work in combination with the contrasting texture of grass jelly, topped up with Oreo crumble, to create the modern unique palate experience that will have you asking for more.

Creation: Banana Carrot Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting

A loaf cake speckled with grated carrots and sweetened with banana. It has the perfect texture with some chopped walnuts to add in a touch of crunch. Every bite is just simply heavenly.

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